The Hope of Christmas Join us December 6th for a Christmas Program put on by the Worship Ministry at FCCJ Learn More

The Hope of Christmas

Christmas Program by FCCJ Worship Ministry to kick off the Christmas season. December 6th at 6pm.

The Hope of Christmas

The whole month of December, believers around the globe celebrate the truth that Christ has come. We look back and try to imagine what it must have been like before that first Christmas in Bethlehem.  What was it like to spend your life wondering when Messiah would arrive?  Generations lived and died waiting for the prophecy to become reality, believe and praying.  

Join us on December 6th at 6pm for The Hope of Christmas. A Christmas Program put on by the worship ministry at First Christian Church Jonesboro. Join us as we celebrate Christmas with the FCCJ Band, Worship Teams, Choir, and so much more.

Seating will be limited so make sure you arrive early. It is an evening that will lift your spirits and put you in the Christmas mood as we talk about the birth of our Savior.