Media Ministry

See what it takes to pull off a Sunday Service as smoothly as possibly.

Media Ministry

Media Ministry exists to execute all technicals on Sunday mornings to make the Sunday Worship Service go smooth.


  • We run ProPresenter for all of our lyrics and videos. This controls lyrics on the front projectors, the confidence monitors for the band and worship team, and lyrics for our live stream every week.


  • The Lighting operator is in charge of programing, and executing all lighting changes throughout the service to help set the mood and draw the attention where it needs to be.


  • Each Sunday we use 2 sound techs. One controls the main sound board from the Front of House position that is in charge of everything you hear in the main auditorium. The second sound tech is placed in our broadcast room.
  • The Broadcast tech is in charge of all sound for our live stream and our overflow rooms along with multitrack recording for our worship team.


  • The Camera operator controls all the cameras, and calls the shots for everything you see on our live stream. This job is one of the more stressful but one of the most fulfilling jobs in the sound booth.

VIP Treatment

If you join the ministry team, you will get the VIP Treatment which includes:

  • Wifi Access
  • Private Seating
  • Backstage Passes
  • Private Music Events