Baptism Sunday

Jan. 23rd | Baptism Sunday

While we encourage baptism to happen the moment a person recognizes the need, there will be a special baptism emphasis next Sunday, January 23. Many people have put off obeying this biblical and beautiful act for various reasons. Some, based on the age or season in life when they were baptized, now feel they didn't fully understand what they were doing, and would like to be baptized again. Others have experienced another form of baptism, but have not been immersed, as was the biblical command and example.

If you would like to be baptized (immersed) next Sunday during our baptism emphasis, please submit this form. If you would like to be baptized before next Sunday, that can happen any day and any time.

To request baptism another time, or if you have any questions about next Sunday, or about baptism in general, our minister Wade Hall would love to talk with you. You can email him by clicking the button below.